In the heart of Andalo, Paganella and the Italian Dolomites

You can never stand still in Andalo, in both summer and winter there are such inviting and varied activities  to do that you will never resist the fascination of the Dolomites.

Colours, perfumes, emotions... so many things to see and try in every season!!! Your days will pass rapidly among so many activities, but each day spent with such joy will give you the energy to start again the next day!

Come and discover the Paganella Plateau in summer and in winter.



The warming sun seems able to release millions of perfumes: fresh grass, newly-mown hay, balsamic fir woods, mushrooms, rhododendrons among the rocks of the Dolomites... the perfume of summer at Andalo is something you can never forget.

Your days full of energy and entertainment never seem to come to an end until your gaze suddenly notes the Dolomites fiery red with the sunset and your are surrounded by an ecstatic, heart-easing silence.


The Paganella is your FUN SKI AREA. Entertainment is guaranteed, boredom is banished, all you need is energy, even though you breathe it all around you.

No words can tell the sensation you feel on seeing the Dolomites white with snow, on seeing the silvery reflections on the snow and on following the 50-plus km of tracks with skis or snowboards on your feet. Winter in Paganella is simply unique!

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